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Foreign Exchange Trading


Is your company regularly in need of foreign currency exchange for financing imports/exports of commodities, machineries and services as well as investment? Do you demand selling/buying foreign exchange in a quick, competitive and efficient way?

MB’s foreign currency exchange service and products provide you and your companies with opportunities to assess diversified and relevant foreign currency trading service as well as the most professional consultants to fulfill your needs for:

  • Foreign Exchange Spot
  • Foreign Exchange Forward
  • Foreign exchange Options
  • Foreign exchange Swaps



  • To satisfy customer’s demand for purchasing foreign currency within one or two working days.
  • Eliminate the exchange rate risk in the future; ensure the expected income in foreign trading activities.
  • Quick, safe and convenient processing.
  • Consultation for suitable product to maximize benefit for customers.

Required documents, procedures

Foreign Exchange Spot

  • The foreign exchange spot contract.
  • Proof of payment (in case of purchasing foreign currency to pay to a partner overseas).

Foreign Exchange Forward

  • Documents proving the purpose and amount of foreign currency needed
  • Documents proving the quantity, type of foreign currency at settled date.


  • Documents proving the purpose and amount of foreign currency needed
  • General Agreement on currency options (in MB form).
  • The option contract (in MB form)
  • Request for executing option contracts (in MB form)

Foreign exchange swaps

  • Documents proving the purpose of foreign currency needed
  • Buying/ selling Swap contracts (in MB form)


For further information, please contact MB transaction offcies across the country. Contact MB ​




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