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Your company is about to bid or sign new economic contracts and is in need of guarantee services from a prestigious bank?  MB provides you with the best guarantee services by a team of experienced and enthusiastic specialists.

Types of guarantee services:

  • Bidding guarantee
  • Contract performance guarantee
  • Borrowing guarantee
  • Payment guarantee
  • Quality guarantee
  • Advance payment guarantee
  • Counter guarantee
  • Guarantee confirmation



  • Simple procedures, quick issuance;
  • Better chance of winning, enhanced creditability in contract performance or deferred payment transactions.
  • Reasonable and competitive fee;


Required documents, procedures


  • Bidding guarantee: Bidding documents, bidding invitation (bidding letter, proofing materials in case the bidding letter is published)
  • Contract performance guarantee: economic contracts, bid winning confirmation letter (if any), etc.
  • Borrowing guarantee: loan application documents
  • Payment guarantee: contract between the payer and the receiver, in case of tax payment guarantee: tax notice, custom declaration, etc.
  • Quality guarantee: contracts, hand-over minutes​





Demand deposit

Term deposit

Term deposit with partial withdrawals

Cash Management

Working Capital Management

Receivables Management

Payables Management

Group accounts management

Centralized Fund Management

Other Services


Short-term loans

Medium and long-term loans




International payments

Overseas Remittance

Inward Remittance

Export Collections

Letter of Credit

Guarantee for receiving goods without LC documents

Foreign Exchange

Foreign Exchange Trading

Commodity Derivatives

Financial derivatives

Capital market products



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