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Letter of Credit

Letter of Credit (L/C) is an irrevocable undertaking by Issuing Bank, acting on behalf of the Importer, to make payment in favour of the Beneficiary against presentation of documents in compliance with L/C terms and conditions and applicable international practices.

MB offers a package of import-export L/C services under Trade Finance Agreement. Our rebate program will allow you to enjoy part of our Trade revenues.

What we offer

  • L/C issuance
  • L/C advice
  • L/C confirmation
  • Export document checking services, export bill collection and payment query
  • Export bill discounting, rediscount, syndicated discount

How we can help

  • Our L/C services provide comfort to the importers that payment will only be made upon complying presentation. Documents checking are taken care of by our highly experienced and ICC-recognized Trade Finance specialists.
  • With us the exporters can be assured of payment upon complying presentation regardless of the importers’ willingness to pay.
  • Our global network of more than 600 correspondent banks helps deliver products in a speedy and cost-effective manner.
  • Our reputation and credit lines will help boost your international cooperation with financial institutions around the globe. Our strong commitment and solid reputation have been affirmed throughout the years, strengthened by Trade Finance credit lines with international partner banks and organizations.
  • Convenient services. Speedy processing. Professional approach. Dedicated support.





Letter of Credit





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