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Express remittance via Western Union
Asan official authorized agent of Western Union money transfer service in Vietnam, MB is a reliable partner offering express remittance money transferring services to over 200 countries and territories.  MB’s application of modern technology enables you to experience safe and sound remittance services. You can receive your money within a few minutes from your relatives being half a world away in VND or USD depending on position of currency at the transferred. No fee is charged for receiving money. Customer Service Center MB247 is always available for any question. 


This express remittanceservice is featured by modern technology, widespread all over the world with more than 370,000 agents located at 200 countries and territories. 

Required documents, procedures


Outward remittance:

At any transaction officeof MB - Western Union across the country, customers complete a Remittance Slip and present valid documents such as ID, Passport, tuition fee confirmation, etc. (see more in the FAQ) to tellers for verification. After the remittance is processed, customers inform the recipients of the remittance information, e.g. tracking number - MTCN, transferred amount, etc.

Inward remittance:

Atany transaction points or authorized agencies of MB across the country, e.g. hotels, gold stores, travel agencies, etc. Customers complete a Receipt Slipand present their ID/Passport to tellers.  After information is verified, customers sign on a receipt note and get their money.




Question:How can I transfer money via Western Union to Vietnam?

Answer:The remitters come to any transaction point of Western Union in their country, fulfill the remittance form, then the WU staff will perform all services required by the customers.
The required information on the transfer form is as follow:

  • Beneficiary’s country
  • Beneficiary’s name
  • Remitter’s name(address, phone number)
  • Transferredamount
  • After submission, the remitter contacts the beneficiary to inform about the transfer; the beneficiary then comes to a WU agent inVietnam to receive money (note MTCN).

Question:How and where do I receive money in Vietnam?

Answer:After receiving notice from the remitter, the beneficiary can come to any transaction point of MB - Western Union in Vietnam to receive money.

Whenreceiving, you need to:

  • Present personal documents (Passport or ID card)
  • Fill out the receipt form (Tracking number - MTCN, name of beneficiary, remitter, beneficiarycountry, transferred amount, etc) andsign it off.
  • Wait for just 5 minutes to get the money.

Question:Do I have to pay fees when receiving money via Western Union?

Answer:Fees are paid only once by remitter. When conducting transferring transaction at the remitter’s country, the remitter paid the transfer fee.  Beneficiary receives the transferred amount free of charge.

Question:How much does it cost for one transaction? And what is the maximum limit for a transaction?

Answer:Fee charged for the remitter is in accordance with the Western Union’s quoted fee, ranging from 2% to 4% of total transferred amount. The rate will be reduced if the customer transfers large amount. Maximum limit for a transaction varies depending on the remitter’s country and transfer destination.

Below is afee reference for money transferring service from Vietnam to overseas:

Transfer Amount (USD)

Fees (USD)

Below 1.000


1.001 – 2.000


2.001 – 3.000


3.001 – 5.000


5.001 – 7500



Question: Can I getforeign currency as I want to?

Answer:You can receive foreign currency depicted by the remitter. In accordance with applicable laws and regulations of Vietnamese Government on foreign exchange, the beneficiary can only receives money in USD or VND via Western Union.

Question: Whatis the maximum amount I can receive in one transfer?

Answer:The beneficiary will receive the exact amount sent from theremitter, there is no limit. However, the amount limit the remitter can transfer is controlled by regulations of specific countries or locating.

Question:In case that I cannot come to WU, can I delegate someone to receive money on my behalf?

Answer:According to the WU, only the beneficiary has the right to receive money; hence, delegating another to receive money on your behalf is not accepted.

However, beneficiary can contract the remitter to change to another beneficiary. Specifically, the remitter must bring all required documents to Western Union where he conducted transactions, provide information about the transfer and require the agent to change to another beneficiary.   The remitter can then inform the new beneficiary about the transfer to receive money.

Question:If I do not have any personal documents, can I receive money through Western Union?

Answer:According to the Western Union, to receive money at Western Union, customers must have one of the following documents: ID card, military certification, police certification, passport, or drivinglicense.

Orcustomers can ask the remitter to a change the beneficiary to atrusted relative who has personal documents to receive money for them.

Question:Can I transfer money overseas via Western Union?

Answer:Yes.Please contact the nearest transaction point of MB - Western Union or call (04) 3232 1585 for specific guidance on procedures of the transfer.

Currently,money can be transferred to overseas with the following purposes:

1. For Vietnamese individual

  • Education fee, medical treatmentfees for customers themselves or their relatives
  • Foreign currency amountallowed to transfer based on the official fee announcement of educational institutions. If there is no confirmation of accommodation, living costs and other related fees, addition to tuition fee, Vietnamese are allowed to transfer up to US$7,000 / person/year.
  • Paymentservices rendered in overseas (medical fees, membership fees, exam fee, etc.)
  • Amount to be transferredis based on the announcement of the foreign service provider
  • Financial supportfor relatives abroad
  • Amount to be transferredmust not exceed $7,000/person/year.
  • Transferto inheritor overseas
  • Foreign currency amount to be transferred each year must not exceed $ 10,000 or 20% of the total amount if it is greater than USD50,000.  If the total amount is more than USD 50,000, the remitter must present documents to clarify the inheritance purpose of the transfer.
  • Work, travel, visit relatives abroad
  • Amount to be transferred is based on announcement from the overseas counterparty or the organization that sends people abroad.
  • Overseas permanent residence
  • Amount to be transferred must not exceed USD 10,000 /person/year for an applicant or 20% total amount if it is more than USD 50,000.  If the amount to be transferred exceeds USD50,000, the remitter must present documents to clarify the overseas permanent residence purpose if the transfer

2. For foreign individuals:

  • Transfer the balance on individual’s foreign currency deposit accountor other legal income in foreign currency.
  • Transfer the legalsalary and income in Vietnamese Dong.
  • Amount to betransferred must not exceed the amount stated in supporting documents.

Question: How do I recognize the transaction point of MB-WU to receive the remittance?
: Currently, all branches and transaction points and other auxiliary agents (hotels, restaurants, airports, gold stores, etc.) of MB offer Western Union services. You can receive money if you see the blue MB logo together with the Western Union image .

Youmay collect a handbook listing the addresses of all MB transaction points acrossthe country, and guiding how to recognize MB’s brand.

Question: Is there any difference between receiving moneyin MB - WU and other places. What distinguishing benefits that MB can offer me?

Answer:In additional to nationwide network of transaction points, exceptional quality service with unique style and modern interior in MB - Western Union will surely satisfy our customers.

Youwill stand a golden chance to enjoy our convenient and prompt services with enthusiastic and friendly staffs.

In addition, youwill have the opportunities to receive attractive gifts from MB’s promotion programs (to be announced in mass media when applicable). You can also enjoy benefits of many other banking services such as savings, money transfer to ATM account, etc.

Question:If I am a regular customer of MB-WU, shall I get any incentive?

Answer:MB usually offers customers with incentive programs.  Depending on the number of times using services of MB-Western Union, appropriate incentives will be granted to customers.

Question: Do I have to inform the remitter that I have received the money or MB will do so?

Answer: It is up to the beneficiary to inform the remitter whether the money is received or not because after the money is withdrawn from the system, the transaction is considered as finalized and the remitter will know that beneficiary has received money. (Except for complaints).

MB is not responsible to inform the remitter that the beneficiary has received money.





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